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Loan Resources - Review
Credit Repair & Loan Resources For People With Bad Credit or No Credit At All!

Many lending institutions will not make loans to people with bad credit.  Here you will find resources that help people that have bad credit or no credit at all to get loans in order to purchase homes, buy or lease a car, acquire a personal loan, get credit cards, etc.  The companies shown below provide excellent resources!

Reviews & Ranking of the Top 4
Credit & Loan Sites Online Today

Credit Mechanic

Quality Rating

[Repair Your Credit With Credit Mechanic - Click Here]



This company provides resources to help people improve their credit score by hundreds of points. They also educate you on what kind of information is contained in your credit report, credit scoring, and how your credit score affects your ability to get loans or credit from lenders. If you are looking for a way that can help you repair your credit rating, this is a most highly recommended resource!
  • One time member registration fee ($29.95).
  • Learn how to stop harassing phone calls from debt collectors.
  • Learn about credit scoring and how it affects your ability to get loans and credit.
  • Learn what kind of information is contained in your credit report.
  • Get pre-made correspondence letters to help you repair your credit.
  • Get telephone scripts to use for contacting credit agencies to repair your credit.
  • They have a 30-day refund policy.
  • You can get started today.


Smart Choice Title Loans

Quality Rating

[Smart Choice Title Loans - Click Here]


Smart Choice Title Loans provides Title Loans to individuals in most areas of South Carolina who have bad credit or no credit at all. If you own a car, truck, motor home, SUV or van they will give you a loan on your title and let you keep your vehicle!. Approval only takes 15 minutes and they do NOT run a credit check on you. They also provide a 30-day interest free program, and their rates are half of most other competitors. This company is dedicated to helping people get loans that they otherwise may not have been able to get. They are a highly recommended resource.

  • No member registration fee.
  • No Credit Check
  • Loan Approval in 15 minutes.
  • Instant easy approval by phone
  • No Payments for 30 days.
  • Senior Discount
  • Military Discount
  • Student Discount
  • Single Mom Discount

Access Loan & Credit Data

Quality Rating

[Access Loan & Credot Data - Click Here]

 Excellent Choice!


Access Loan & Credit Data was created to help people who have bad credit to find the credit they deserve, even for those that may have recently been turned down. In fact, this is the same results-producing program that's been seen in several national magazines for the past 6 years. They provide you with several hand-picked banks and private companies that offer Bad Credit Loans, Bad Credit Home Loans, Bad Credit Auto Loans, and Bad Credit Personal loans to people with Bad Credit or even a Bankruptcy. You may even find that some can approve loans with NO COLLATERAL & NO CO-SIGNERS. Home ownership is not required. 
  • A straight forward, easy to understand website.
  • A one time member registration fee ($25.00).
  • Bad Credit Auto Loan Lender Database
  • Bad Credit Mortgage Loan Lender Database
  • Bad Credit Personal Loan Lender Database
  • Bad Credit Credit Card Lenders Database
  • Credit Score Boosting Guide
  • Identity Theft Protection Guide
  • Unlimited Lifetime Updates
  • Several Bonuses
  • FREE Unlimited Member E-mail Support
  • Instant 24/7 Directory Access, No WAITING
  • They have an eight week return policy.
  • You can get started today.

WeSayes.com your loan solution

Quality Rating

[WeSayes.com Your Loan solution - Click Here]


Good Choice!

WeSayes.com provides you with information on lenders that give personal loans, credit cards, home loans, auto loans and debt consolidation loans to individuals that have bad credit. They provide you with immediate access to their up-to-date listing of bad credit lenders. They also have lender loan programs that have options with no money down.  Some programs have no credit check required.  These loans are for automobile or homes.  They have even found a place for credit cards and guaranteed debit card without bank account required.
  • A simple, easy to understand website.
  • A one time member registration fee ($25.00).
  • Bad Credit Lenders for Auto Loans, Mortgages, Personal Loans and Credit Cards
  • Bonuses such as credit repair, tax service, and real estate links
  • Instant Access, No WAITING
  • They have an eight week return policy.
  • You can get started today.


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